Eye Candy - Vision Support

Rise-N-Shine LLC

Single Bottle
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Eye Candy Vision Support is specially formulated with key vitamins and nutrients to support vision health, with vitamins and herbs known to offer optimal vision support. As a person ages, vision health can decline and our formula boasts targeted nutrients for the eyes. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant known to contribute to overall vision strength. Lutein has been nicknamed the "eye vitamin," because of its positive effects on the eyes. L-Taurine, most commonly and simply known as "Taurine" is one of the most populated amino acids within a person's eyes. Bilberry Fruit is reputed to strengthen night vision and overall vision health due to the healthy and antimicrobial tannins within the fruit. It also nourishes the retina by increasing circulation. Zinc deficiencies contribute to vision decline and our formula can aid in supporting overall healthful vision.

Rise-N-Shine's Eye Candy has become a very popular supplement to help support tired eyes that overuse computers and cell phones!  

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand by our products 100%. We never compromise on quality or service, to guarantee excellence in providing you with a superior product.

SAFE AND RELIABLE: Made with the highest quality ingredients and manufactured in GMP certified and FDA registered facilities.

DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER - Don't be fooled by the imitators!



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