Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Manufacturing for Vitamins, Supplements, Gummies, Protein Powders, Shampoos and Conditioners

Choose from one of our top quality, time tested, ground breaking formulations and we will package them with your brand, logo, and label.

Rise-N-Shine is proud to offer a base of over 400 stock formulations, all of which you can private label. Choose from our extensive list of vitamins, supplements, gummy vitamins, shampoos and conditioners! 

Our time tested, top quality formulas are formulated using the very best ingredients available!  Our minimum order quantity is only 144 bottles per item, making it very  easy to get started without having to incur a large, upfront fee.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps!

STEP 1: Call 973-729-4141 or email to request a product price list. Choose one of our stock formulas.

STEP 2: Create a label or choose from one of our stock label designs.

STEP 3: Determine the quantity of product you would like to start with. Place your order. Start Selling!