Wonderful Energy Supplement

I am a single parent in my home and have difficulty waking up when I stay up late cleaning house and cooking when I get home from working all day. I found this supplement at Wal-Mart and thought I'd try it. It works wonderful! Amazing it just gives you a burst of energy that just helps you get those feet on the floor and moving without the tired feeling. After I tried my first bottle, I am a repeat customer! This is an affordable product that really does work. 
Product Name: Wake Up On Time

Catalase Extreme

This product really works. I rarely get any gray hair!. I have friends my age and they all have to dye their hair but not me!. I love it and continue to use for the rest of my life 😃.
Product Name: Catalase Extreme Shampoo
Stay Up All Day
This is my second bottle. It really does work. When I take Stay Up All Day, I really feel very energetic like I can go all day. If I miss a day, I feel the difference. Great Product.

Go Away Grey

I've been using this product for 7 years, and it completely stopped further greying on my head and body. There has been some reduction of grey, especially body hair. I reccomend starting to use the product as soon as hair starts turning grey, it really works! 

Excellent sleep and waking.

Sleep Tight works without drugging me and Wake Up On Time allows me to wake up easily without grogginess.

Sleep Tight All Night really works, without the side effects!

I am so happy that I finally found a natural sleep product that actually works without the negative side effects. Thank you Rise and Shine.

The product is great!!!

The product is great!!!

Did not think this would work! I was wrong.

I struggle waking up BAD & with not having much energy in the mornings , well not anymore! I saw this at Walmart & thought I’d give it a try! I don’t know how it works but it does. I sleep great though the night and wake right up not hitting snooze multiple times and the energy lasts throughout the day!!! I will definitely be purchasing more!! 
Product Name: Wake Up On Time


Works amazing

I used use the Aveda black malva conditioner but it was discontinued. After trying MANY other color conditioners this was by far the best one I found. I actually like it even more than the black malva because it does not have a bluish tint like the  ike the black malva did. The color tone with this is perfect - no red or blue undertones. Very happy, would definitely recommend

Amazing for Cuticles Too!

Just started taking this a few days ago for my face, but right away noticed almost instant change in my cuticles. They have always been extremely dry and peeling, splitting, i have tried many many lotions but none have done anything like this. So now Im here to see what other products i might try for other issues i thought i would just have to live with. Thank you!!! Show Less

Always great service

I have been using the products for few years. The customer service has always been Top notch. Thank you guys for your support and patience.
Product Name: Catalase Extreme Shampoo

Excelent attention and products

The answer where i asked for the tracking number by email was very fast and the tracking información is complete since the order was done from USA until Mexico City Airpot.

Catalayse Extreme

Wonderful product and company. Very pleased. I am a senior and stll have most of my natural colour!

I'm pretty satisfied

Customer service is top notch! I personally like the old formula better. Not sure why it changed?
Product Name: Wake Up On Time 

Excelent product

Excellent product
Product Name: Blood Sugar Support

It wakes me up 

It wakes me up . Gets me moving as I start my day off.
Product Name: Wake Up On Time

Catalase Extreme

I love this product!!! I have used it for several years now. It works!!! That's the best thing I can say! I am 69 years old and this product has helped keep my hair looking wonderful! It still has many shades of dark brown and the gray has been softened to beautiful highlights. People are constantly asking me what "color" I use on my hair! 

Wake Up On Time

This product saved my life!!!! It is the only this that gets me to work on time!! Thank you!

I luv the Catalase conditioners

I luv the Catalase conditioners alot,been using them for years

Always great to deal with

Been purchasing from Rise-N-Shine for years. Great products and great prices.

Very happy with these products

Very happy with these products

like the ingredients

like the ingredients

Product Name: Hair U-Grow Nutritional Supplement


rosie Goodman

I like this supplement & especially like the tablet/caplet form versus a capsule. Sometimes if it is later in the day but want to take it, I can break it in half easily & take just a half. I hope you keep it in the tablet form. Thanks


Product Name: Wake Up On Time

Catalase 5000

It is helping me.

Wake up on time

This is a super great product. I am not an early morning person and this product is so great, when I wake up I am ready to get up and start the day. Thank you for this product.
Product Name: Wake Up On Time

I have used this product

I have used this product for several years and think it’s great for my hair.


Excellent business with great products.

Awesome product

I have been using this product for years now and it does work.

Essential support for working moms!

This product has helped me to get up on time and feel better in the mornings!
Product Name: Wake Up On Time

This product helps me wake

This product helps me wake up feeling alive and better fit for the day than any other product...even better than the Ayo glasses I recently bought.

Always great to deal with

Been purchasing from Rise-N-Shine for years. Great products and great prices.

on Time

This is one fine product. It works exactly as it says it will starting the first night. It was so wonderful to wake up clear minded and alert. I am always happy to do business with you.
Product Name: Wake Up On Time


Best hair regrowth shampoo Ive ever used

Im 55 and Ive been trying different products for years to help with my ever growing bald spot and receding hairline. This is the only stuff Ive used that I can actually see hair regrowth and quickly. Its made my bald spot smaller.
Product Name: Hair U-Grow Shampoo

Life changing

I've been late to work almost every day for the past 5 years, but with the Wake on Time pills now I'm able to even wake up before the alarm.
Product Name: Wake Up On Time

Effective and safe

I have used Sleep Tight and Wake Up OnTime for years, now. They work without toxic side effects. Everyone I have recommended these products to love them
Product Name: Probiotic Support

Bye, Bye gray.

I take 2-tablets a day, I believe it helps keep my hair less gray. Larry R.

No side effect I got.

I am very sensitive with many things. This product is neutral like food to me. I did not get any bad side effect . I will use it forever. Only wish is my hair grow back to black. Only I have used for two week.

Delivered and worth it

Product was delivered ontime amd i believe it has an effect on the white hair thing.

gray hair

It keeps most of the gray away A little at my temple's But Not very effective on chest hair

Catalase Extreme Conditioner

I bought a bottle of Catalase Extreme by Rise'n'Shine and saw results after one month. I choose the conditioner because I wanted the ingredients to have constant contact with my scalp to get absorbed. With the shampoo, you would just wash it away, so my theory was to use the conditioner and actually just leave it in. My hair became super soft, shiny and healthy....and yes, just a little bit less grey. I think you would need to do this consistently for 6 months to see an obvious result. I did notice that the silvery grey hair near my ears were not as silvery as usual and blended in very well with my dark chestnut brown hair.

Great company!!!!

Great company, superior products, excellent customer service!
Product Name: Wake Up On Time

Catalase Extreme

Good product. Delivery & customer service all good.

Great product

Great product

Jump Start for Men

Jump Start for Men five stars 
Product Name: Jump Start for Men