Color Booster Purple Neutralizing Shampoo

Rise-N-Shine LLC

Color Booster Purple Neutralizing Shampoo for Blonde Hair is a Blonde Color Correcting Shampoo that Eliminates Brassy Yellow Tones so you can put your best blonde forward! It lightens Blonde, Platinum, Ash, Silver and Gray Hair for a brighter and more natural look. Color Booster Shampoo works as a purple toner to Revitalize Bleached & Highlighted Hair. It reduces brassy discoloration and neutralizes yellow tones while adding moisture and strength to every strand. Our Color Booster Purple Neutralizing Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair whether it's color-treated, bleached, highlighted, damaged, or natural hair. You can also use our purple shampoo on grey hair that needs a silvery brightness boost!

Our ultra-pigmented purple toning shampoo is specially formulated for light hair, since the vivid violet-tint formula enhances blonde, white, and silver hair coloring by boosting cool tones in the hair. Our violet shampoo can be left on for varying periods for the blonde hair shade you desire. With regular use, the purple shampoo will brighten hair further to achieve glossy silver or ash-grey tones. Our blonde shampoo helps revive shine and softens strands. Use purple shampoo for blonde hair daily for hair color to remain vibrant, shiny, and healthy for longer between salon visits.

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