Hair Growth Conditioner

Rise-N-Shine LLC

Single Bottle
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Pack

Hair Growth Conditioner is made with hair growth ingredients to help strengthen and revitalize hair while helping to fight hair loss, slow growth & thinning hair! Hair Growth Conditioner contains a well-balanced blend of important ingredients for healthy hair growth. The nutrients in Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner can help counteract the effects of DHT on hair follicle damage. DHT is one of the major causes of hair loss in men and women. Willow Bark Extract is known to clean oils from the scalp that may block follicle production. Sage Leaf has traditionally been used to treat male pattern baldness. Henna Flowers support hair growth and strength, for longer, thicker and shinier hair strands. Shea Butter is a healer that nourishes the scalp, while cleansing it, to promote hair health. Sunflower Seed Oil is an Omega-9 fatty acid that guards the hair against breakage. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein infuses the hair with moisture to increase elasticity and reduce splitting. Safe for daily use. Hair U Grow is suitable for both men and women! 

  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: Made with the highest quality ingredients
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - We are so confident that you will love Hair U Grow Conditioner that we back it with a 30-day money-back hassle-free guarantee. 

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