All Natural Ingredients to Wake You Up On Time!

May 12, 2017

All Natural Ingredients to Wake You Up On Time!

When waking up in the morning, who wouldn't prefer to rise and shine with something that is all-natural? Many rely on caffeinated beverages, including coffee, tea and energy drinks to provide that morning boost. 

While some coffees and teas have their own health benefits, for some people, it is difficult to drink coffee and tea. Coffee and tea can be an upset, for example, to sensitive stomachs due to the acidity. Adding condiments to these beverages, such as cream, milk and sugar can trigger weight gain and cholesterol problems. If adding artificial sweeteners, there are cancer risks associated with many of those products. And on the cosmetic end, both coffee and tea can stain a person's teeth.

Energy drinks, on the other hand, offer very few health benefits. These beverages are charged up with sugars and additives that reports have shown can cause side effects, from respiratory problems to gastrointestinal issues. Unlike coffee and tea, the cosmetic end runs deeper with energy beverages - the sugars and additives in energy drinks can cause tooth decay!

But Rise-N-Shine offers a natural alternative for those who are seeking to start their morning off with a combination of vitamins, herbs and amino acids, that can help a person to "wake up on time"...with our product of the same name...Wake Up On Time™!

Wake Up On Time™ was recently featured on KCTV5's food safety segment, with Tracey Hawkins, "The Safety Lady," who praised the product for its all-natural components. Hawkins had personally dealt with negative side effects from energy drinks and liked that a natural alternative was on the market to help turn someone into a morning person...overnight!

Cathy Beggan, Rise-N-Shine's President and Founder developed Wake Up On Time™ after having her own difficulties with waking up in the morning. Even with three alarm clocks around her room with worn out snooze buttons, she would often oversleep and wake up late. Then, three cups of coffee could not keep her energized throughout the day. As a busy mom of three and an advocate of natural learning that others had the same issues with waking up on time...Beggan began consulting with healthcare professionals about natural alternatives. 

Beggan learned that in combination, certain vitamins, herbs and amino acids could team up and help her to wake up on time! She patented her "premium energy blend," into a time-released energy formula. With the delayed-release, Beggan created the first product of its kind, which can be taken BEFORE bed to act when it is needed most...when the alarm clock rings!

Since then, many people, who have called Wake Up On Time™, "a replacement for the morning alarm clock," "the greatest invention since coffee," and "an alarm clock in a pill." 

What are the all-natural ingredients that help the "alarm clock in a pill" to wake people up on time?

Born deep within the Amazon is the Guarana plant, with the seeds of its fruit coveted for their benefits for centuries. Guarana seeds hold natural energy within them that people beginning with the Amazon tribe have sought for an energy boost. European explorers were so impressed with the plant they returned to their own continent with it. 

The boost from Guarana originates from the Guaranine, a by-product of the plant's natural defense system. What makes Guaranine different is that the energy that originates from it is unlike the energy drinks and even coffee or that while it provides an even greater boost than those beverages does so in its own natural, time-release. Guarana provides steady energy and stamina for hours, not the jolt then crash that drinks with caffeine cause! This is why it is a perfect match for Wake Up On Time™, which has its own delayed-released formula to benefit a person when they need that energy to "wake up on time!"

While energy beverages, and even coffee and tea can cause headaches...the Amazons turned to Guarana as a natural remedy for headaches!  

What are some of the other natural components to Wake Up On Time™?

      • L-Tyrosine: an amino acid that supports mental alertness.
      • Eleuthero Root Extract: also often known as "Siberian Ginseng," this herb is known to boost focus and counteract stress.
      • Thiamin: Vitamin B1, which helps to boost one's energy reserves.
      • Riboflavin: Vitamin B2 - an antioxidant and energy booster.
      • Niacin: Vitamin B3 - a friend to the cardiovascular system, which also supports brain function.
      • Vitamin B6: Another brain booster that helps to boost serotonin and norepinephrine. Serotonin is a "feel good" natural chemical in the body and norepinephrine a blood pressure stabilizer.
      • Vitamin B12: boosts the central nervous system and memory and is a mood elevator. 

Wake Up On Time™, a made in the USA product, is available for purchase on Rise-N-Shine's website (click here) and on other online retailers including, and It is also available in Walmart stores nationwide.


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