Rise-N-Shine Has Texas Covered Around the Clock!

May 09, 2017

Rise-N-Shine Has Texas Covered Around the Clock!

Texans can now "wake up on time," "stay up all day" and "sleep tight all night"...naturally, with three Rise-N-Shine products in Texas Walmart stores!

Rise-N-Shine's two energy formulas and one sleep formula are on the shelves of Texas Walmart locations and are natural alternatives to the dilemmas of having difficulties waking up in the morning, of not having enough energy to get through the day, and not sleeping tight all night. 

Those who love Wake Up On Time™ have described it as an "alarm clock in a pill." The patented formula was the first of its kind to be taken BEFORE bedtime...and to help people to wake up feeling great! Fans of Wake Up On Time™ also swear its turned them into morning people overnight, have called it the "greatest invention since coffee," and say it's a "replacement for the alarm clock." Side benefits of this product may include: singing in the shower, a sunny outlook on life and getting to work on time.

Stay Up All-Day™ is the all-natural energy formula that breaks the energy drink habit. Even Tracey Hawkins "The Safety Lady" has given all products her endorsement in a food safety segment on KCTV5 News. She told Better Kansas City show host, Gina Bullard, that after experiencing unpleasant side effects from energy drinks one day, she was excited to find the all-natural energy alternatives that Rise-N-Shine created.

Sleep Tight All-Night™ has all-natural ingredients to help one sleep peacefully, including Melatonin, Calcium, Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Hops, Passionflower, Chamomile Flower and Valerian Root. 

Now Texans in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Amarillo, Lubbock and everywhere in between, can enjoy more natural energy and restful sleep with made in the USA products from their favorite Walmart stores.